Campaign 1 of 2: NFL, San Diego Chargers 2015

Despite the success of the San Diego Chargers in recent seasons, ticket sales had flat lined as a result of stale marketing efforts, media criticism and rumors of the franchise moving. Our solution was simple—speak candidly about it all with fans. “We’re All In” is an audacious and unfiltered campaign that embraces chatter as a catalyst to galvanize the city and get "butts in seats."

2015 San Diego Chargers


Campaign 2 of 2: NFL, San Diego Chargers 2016

After a season marred by disappointment, uncertainty loomed for the San Diego Chargers. “Recharged + Charge On” reestablishes what the team means to the city by hearkening back to an exciting 50-year history, connecting legendary players and unforgettable moments with diehard fans. Framed by this visceral message, the campaign's design takes cues from the franchise's most iconic elements to create complementary custom typography, numbering and imagery.

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San Diego Chargers '16 Brand
San Diego Chargers '16 Branding
San Diego Chargers '16 Branding
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