Campaign 1 of 2: "Save Yourself"

Needing something—a speech, that recipe, those instructions—now and not being able to find it can be rough.​ OneDrive gives people the access, protection and connectivity they need to save themselves from these often-embarrassing moments. This campaign, a long-running series of live action videos, bring to life the simplest, most relatable of them.

Campaign 2 of 2: "Orchestrate"

With the rapid proliferation of AI-based tools, Microsoft needed to increase awareness and consideration of Copilot among its enterprise clients before competitors stole market share. This spot, part of a larger campaign, demonstrates the ease of use and many benefits of Copilot by transforming the employees of a modern business into a well-orchestrated team, the CEO their maestro. Vibrant in color, musically driven, even playful, it's an unexpected yet welcome execution from the brand.